August Specials:

Body Tune-Up  Special

Only $50 Reg $60

De-stress, Tranquility, Peacefulness with a full body tune-up. The body tune-up includes an Integrated Energy Treatment that will balance and harmonize your body,

mind and spirit.

Body tune-up includes:

·  Massaging the Hand’s Acupressure Points

·  Stimulating the Nervous Centers

·  Massaging the Neck and Brain Balancing

·  Stimulating Energy Around the Pineal and Pituitary Glands

·  Working Face Acupressure Points

·  Balancing and Clearing the Energy Centers to Harmonize the Entire Body

Benefits may include:

·  Body Relaxation

·  Soothes Depression and PTSD

·  Sense of Lightness

·  Body Cleansing Release

·  Calms Anxiety

·  Overall Calming of Body, Mind and Spirit


Choose to love yourself and express the bright, beautiful and unique soul that you are.

You are worthy of all you desire. Honoring yourself honors all by shifting the vibration

on the planet to one of greater self-love. Cleanse, balance and enjoy life.

Massage Special

Raindrop Massage

90 min Only $90 (reg $100)

Raindrop therapy is a wonderfully relaxing technique that brings both an emotional and physical balance to the body.  This technique involves applying 7 specific oils Thyme, Basil, Peppermint, Oregano, Wintergreen, Cypress, Marjoram and 2 unique blends also containing Blue Cypress, Spruce, Rosewood, and Frankincense. These oils will be dropped on the spine from the sacrum to the neck, the soles of the feet, and legs. The back is then covered with a moist hot towel, assisting the oils to penetrate deeply into the body, stimulating the immune system and creating a deep detox. This is a deeply relaxing massage that helps bring the body into better alignment lasting up to one week after your session!

All Specials end September 1st and can not be combined with any other discount or promotion

Never Ending Specials!

New ASU clients get 50% off their first Brazilian Wax (reg $55)!

All Returning ASU students and faculty get a 10%  discount off all full priced waxing, massage, facials and acupuncture services!

These specials can not be combined with any other discount or promotion, must have valid I.D to receive discount.


Gift Certificates Available!

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