June Specials:

Body Tune-Up  Special

Only $50 Reg $60

Renewal, Balance, Reset,  with a full body tune-up. The body tune-up includes an Integrated Energy Treatment that will balance and harmonize your body, mind and spirit. 

Body tune-up includes:

·  Massaging the Hand’s Acupressure Points

·  Stimulating the Nervous Centers

·  Massaging the Neck and Brain Balancing

·  Stimulating Energy Around the Pineal and Pituitary Glands

·  Working Face Acupressure Points

·  Balancing and Clearing the Energy Centers to Harmonize the Entire Body

Benefits may include:

·  Body Relaxation

·  Soothes Depression and PTSD

·  Sense of Lightness

·  Body Cleansing Release

·  Calms Anxiety

·  Overall Calming of Body, Mind and Spirit


Healing is in the air. We are ushering in a new era of light, cooperation, connection, harmony and truth. It is a time where the energy integrates toward unity and compassion. Find peace and celebrate your awakening.

Massage Special

Let’s focus on immunity!


Lymphatic Drainage with Karen only $70 (reg $80)


This 70 min massage is a light form of body work. This treatment assists the immune system by opening up blockages in the lymphatic system that can otherwise leave the body feeling sluggish. You will feel refreshed and relaxed!


Aromatherapy Massage for Immunity

60m only $65 (reg $75) or 90m only $95 (reg $105)


Help your body deal with the stress that puts a strain on our immune system with this aromatherapy blend.

A rosemary, lavender, eucalyptus blend has antiviral and antibacterial properties along with antioxidants that protect the cells from free radicals. You will do your body a favor by improving its defenses and you will love the uplifting aroma!

All Specials end July1st and can not be combined with any other discount or promotion

Never Ending Specials!

New ASU clients get 50% off their first Brazilian Wax (reg $55)!

All Returning ASU students and faculty get a 10%  discount off all full priced waxing, massage, facials and acupuncture services!

These specials can not be combined with any other discount or promotion, must have valid I.D to receive discount.


Gift Certificates Available!

Don't forget we have Gift Certificates available for all of our services!  

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